Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Drupal - cron memory exhausted trails and tribulations

Having a Cron job
So, sometimes you simply miss a cron fail. That happens. Your client calls:
Hey, the notifications stopped.
New pages don't show up in the search results.
Collections not getting indexed.
A service is down.

And I always forget how to solve it. I just rumble along. Sometimes I increase the memory limit, the execution times never works (is hard coded in common inc I believe to be 240 or something), shut down one of the modules, ini_set this, ini_set that,  prune some tables, pray, curse.....

I must say I utterly dislike cron fails as they are so terribly boring. So  I wanted to write an eloquent and excellent blog about all my cron resolving adventures, just to add some meaning to this annoying part of my life. But then, opening my development and maintenance logs, I remembered: There is no need for me to write anything.
If you have a cron problem, simply visit https://drupal.org/node/553430 and tell them I sent you.