Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So, I will start a blog about my company.  

The reasons and objectives of this blog will be explained later.
Honestly:  Because I haven't got the faintest Idea of these objectives at the moment. 

The main motivation is that my work sometimes seems like sitting at the bottom of a very deep pit, working the machinery of a whole and exciting world above me. I work in the engine room of the web, and a simple blog is something on a deck of one of the cruisers.

This is what we do: We build software for the web that most of the time does not work, break down, crash, makes me wanna scream and tear my hair out. And then one of my clients calls me and I am totally confident that it will all work out. Yes, no problem, deadline will be adhered to, problems will be solved, mountains climbed, countries conquered. 
And in the end it always does work out. I solve the puzzle, or we solve the puzzle to be precise.

I build whole stories made of spaghetti-like modules that all knit together something that works. We xml, soap, php, parse, sql like these are verbs instead of nouns.  Whole days long, behind the little screens, sitting in awkward positions drinking coffee, talking jibberish and using google as a shoulder to cry on. Or as an older and wiser friend, but one who most of the time does not pay enough attention to my specific problems, or the exact context of my specific problems.

The web is a slippery environment: There are the different browsers, Operation systems, changing API's, services, dll's, changing scripting versions, preferred protocols et cetera.
Whatever works today may not work tomorrow. It sometimes feels like when you measure the height of a mountain wearing a blue hat, the height will differ from when you measure it wearing a red hat. Or it appears to be no mountain at all, but a valley, or a monkey, or the way an old man can look at girls passing by.....

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